hi, my name is Thomas Bormans

I'm currently studying Interactive Multimedia Design at Thomas More Mechelen (Belgium). In the weekends I work at an Apple Premium Reseller and in my spare time I am a freelance web developer.

How it all started

I was born on July 6, 1992 in Leuven (Belgium) and spent my childhood in a little town called Lubbeek near Leuven.

When I was 17 I started studying Informaticabeheer (loosely translated IT Management ). At that particular moment I studied the very basics of HTML & CSS and I loved it. I knew this was something I would love the rest of my life so I began coding more often in my spare time. But not only coding, also following all the upcoming multimedia trends. It was around this time I got my first MacBook Pro.

Two years later, after graduating from middle school, I started studying my professional bachelor in Interactive Multimedia Design in Mechelen where a whole new world of web development opened up for me. The amount of new information was astonishing and extremely interesting which led to the rapid increase of my knowledge of not only HTML & CSS, but also of JavaScript and jQuery. Several months later my skills were extended with PHP & MySQL.

Luckily we were also able to take several other courses and learned working with software from Adobe and more specifically with Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash & Flash Builder. Aside from the practical subjects, we also learned a lot about usability, basic programming in Java, basic drawing on paper, project management, …

Learning new stuff in college also motivated me to study additional multimedia technologies on my own. I took a look at Grunt.js and Gulp.js and I really love Gulp. It is definitely one of my favourite coding "tools" to improve my development skills. Then I also learned SASS and Compass, a little bit of Angular.js and so on.

Outside school

During my spare time I have created several websites as a freelancer, alone or together with some friends who are also in the web development industry. To view my latest work, please check out my portfolio. If you are interested in hiring me for freelance work, do not hesitate to contact me. I am currently available for freelance work.

When I was not coding websites, I was working as a student at easy-m (Dutch website) which is an official Apple Premium Reseller. Here I obtained two official certificates. I am an Apple Product Professional for the year 2013 and 2014 (certificate underway). Here I acquired a massive amount of knowledge about the Mac in the Multimedia world, but also almost everything about solving problems with them.

What's next?

At this very moment my future is a great mystery. I will receive my bachelor's degree in Interactive Multimedia Design in June. I have not yet decided if I want to start working in the web development sector or continue studying in multimedia or something else. In my final year at Thomas More I had the opportunity to be a project manager for two different projects; Thomas More Innovation and Bijzonder Comité voor Herinneringseducatie (visit my portfolio for a detailed list about these projects). I really enjoyed doing this and I am considering to get a degree in project management.

Besides worrying, I am also working on a freelance assignment to recreate an old osteopathy website. This website should come online in July or August. However if you want to hire me for a freelance assignment of a full-time job, do not hesitate to get in touch so I can improve my web development skills.